Meet the Artisans:  Women from the Saravan Villages

Meet the Artisans: Women from the Saravan Villages

Women from the Saravan Villages
Creators of Artisanal Embroidered Products

Among the villages around Saravan live the talented women artisans who handcraft a traditional art form called  “Soozan Doozi”.  Originating from Sistan and Baluchestan,  Soozan Doozi refers to the art of handmade,  needlework lace that is sewed into patterns and designs on fabric. 

According to Persian history, Soozan Doozi was invented 8000 years ago. The detailed embroidered designs were mostly inspired by the daydreaming women did while working in nature.

The embroidery from this region is famous for its intricate patterns, details and bright colors.  The design motifs are varied from geometric patterns using triangles, squares and diamonds, to nature inspired designs like animals, mountains and rivers.

All their distinctive products are handmade from local and sustainably sourced materials. The threads used in their unique designs are hand-dyed silk or wool yarns. The metals used for their jewelry are brass alloy and iron, and the wood is from Pistachio and Elm trees.

These artisans mainly work from their homes, and then assemble some of the pieces in a joint workshop space in Hooshak village.

As the main breadwinners, they each strive to provide for their families with their goods being their only source of income. The money that results from the sales of their craft provides essential food and life necessities for themselves and their children.

Meet the Women you Empower Through your Purchase


Paria is a designer and manages the work created by this group of artisans. After obtaining her Masters of Arts degree, Paria decided to go back to her hometown hoping to make a difference within her community. She started working with local artisans with the goal to financially empower the women in the area.

Paria creates unique designs that bring a modern style and a new look and feel to the age old art of Soozan Doozi. She then works with a group of artisans from the neighboring villages to create the pieces she designs. 

With her designs and talents, she helps to support the team of artisan women that work with her as well as her mother who lives with her and is disabled with various needs and medical expenses.

Negar, Zeinab, Ameneh and Madineh are the talented artisans who work with Paria. They prefer not to share their picture as they have led difficult lives, but they each generously share their deeply personal stories and craft with us. Each has learned this art from their mothers as this is one of the only means for a woman to earn any funds in this region.

Negar was married at a very young age and never had the opportunity to attend school. Her husband had a severe drug addiction and after years of abuse abandoned Negar and their two children.

Zeinab went to college with the dream to become a teacher, but had to drop out after her husband left her and married another woman.

Ameneh suffers from a blood disorder called Thalassemia. She lost her dad at a very young age and as the eldest of all her siblings, she is the main breadwinner of the family. 

Madineh lives in a nearby village and has two children who are twins. She provides the only source of income for her and her twins. Her husband left them after marrying another woman.

Although these women have seen difficult times, their spirit shines through their art. They share their talents and craft as a means to bring economic prosperity and brighter futures to their children and family.

Your purchases provide a lifeline to each of these brave and talented women and their families, providing them an income for their livelihood and a way to keep cultural and artisanal traditions alive. 


Written by ShopatMAP

Products handcrafted by the Women from the Saravan Villages: