Our Beginnings...


Moms Against Poverty (MAP) education initiatives in U.S., Senegal, Middle East, and Cambodia.

ShopatMAP is Born

Silk weaving process by Cambodian artisan, Dy Chanthea.

ShopatMAP was founded as an opportunity to further support the MAP vision. It provides a valuable lifeline and the means to connect gifted artisans who can now share their personal stories and handmade, artisanal products with mindfully conscious and fashionable consumers. 

Proceeds from the sale of products in the ShopatMAP online store fund MAP’s childhood poverty initiatives worldwide.

Our Mission

ShopatMAP (www.shopatmap.org) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with the mission to provide economic opportunity to emerging artisans while powering community development programs around the world. 

The impact of your purchase is multitude and ripples through marginalized communities in the U.S. and worldwide. Each purchase brings economic prosperity to emerging and struggling artisans and helps provide education and essential provisions to impoverished children. 

Fabric weaving from the Bamiyan Valley by artisan, Habiba Jan.

Our unique, eco-friendly products are handcrafted and ethically sourced. Each product provides an opportunity for socially conscious individuals to showcase their individuality, live fashionably and mindfully, while positively impacting the wo